Viktor Frankl, often said that even within the narrow boundaries of the concentration camps he found only TWO RACES OF PEOPLE TO EXIST: decent and indecent ones. (principled or unprincipled.) These are found in all classes, ethnicities, and groups

What an interesting statement! There are only two races. From this perspective, the practice of being inclusive becomes radically difficult especially for the decent, principled race of people. How do we knowingly embrace those without principles? How do we see good in the person whose greatest passion is to incite hatred and division?
Is it possible for people to exist without any principles? I think everyone has principles. It is easy for me to relate to people who value the things that I value. It is easy for me to relate to people who are good neighbors, who are honest, trustworthy, and open-minded. But how do I include the people with different values — for instance the people who believe in white supremacy? or winning at all costs? or cheating as a way of life?
In the oneness of life, I remember that each one of us is made in the image of the Divine. Each one of us has tendencies toward both the darkness and the light. And the Truth of us is that we are spiritual beings having a spiritual experience in a three-dimensional world.
So a question is

Which am I most of the time? Am I the dark or am I the light? Decent or indecent? principled or unprincipled?

There is a teaching story about the inner struggle that we have making right choices, or taking the easy way out. The story goes like this: “A boy confided in his grandfather that he felt he had two wolves within him. The dark wolf was vicious, reactive, snarling and dangerous. The other wolf was beautiful, friendly, helpful,and playful. the wolves seemed to be competing with each other for the boy’s attention He tearfully asked his grandfather, which one will win?. The grandfather wisely and tenderly responded, “The winner will be the one you feed. It will be the one you appreciate.
What that story says to me is that we need to be able to notice where our attention goes. If our attention is being drawn to fearful, hateful thoughts, we are feeding the unprincipled wolf. If our attention goes to loving, compassionate thoughts, we are feeding the principled wolf. Then the unprincipled people are simply being less skillful in their communications than principled ones.
The universe reads our attention as intention. the universe is always bringing forth form from consciousness. Which forms do you want to see manifest in our world?
A practical application of these ideas is to bring your fascination to ideas of beauty, love, truth and connection. Refuse to give bullies, bigots, fear-mongers one more second of your precious time. Learn to watch the news as a prayer request. that way you will be detached. If you are a practicing Religious Scientist, you will not give any power to the conditions. You will remember that conditions are effects. The cause is always an idea — and an idea can be changed!

Decent or indecent– you choose!