My seductive dance with an unknown
man reminded me of Ginger Rogers
and Fred Astaire
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I was dancing on the countertops!

I couldn’t believe it.

Not flailing around kind of dancing like I do in my living room, but dancing, Ginger Rogers style!

My hair was pulled back in a tight chignon.

I had on a crisp, button-down white shirt with the cuffs turned up.  My shirt was tucked into high-rise black pants and I had on Rockette’s-style heeled dancing shoes.

I looked fabulous!

Then, I jumped down off the countertop, up some stairs and on to a stage!

And then, (cue the scratching record sound), a woman that I had known very briefly in the past was dancing all up on me.  She was in my space, I didn’t like it.  She flitted away and did it to someone else.  She was pushing herself on everyone trying to be provocative in her dancing, not realizing that she was repelling everyone she danced with.

I wanted to flee, so I turned to run and ran smack dab into a very attractive man.

Not all physically attractive, but energetically.

I couldn’t see his face but we started dancing…like Ginger Rogers / Fred Astaire kind of dancing.

I didn’t know how I knew how to dance like that, but I went with it.

It was exhilarating, seductive and such a beautiful experience.

I flowed with him allowing him to lead me and I simply enjoyed the dance.

I woke up from this dream intrigued with the meaning!

Dr. Heather’s topic last Sunday was about Joy + Vision = Your next dance
Did that tie into my dream of dancing like Ginger Rogers?
I got up immediately, headed downstairs and sat down with my trusty journal!
What came through as the true meaning of the dream was very pivotal for me.

Here is what my inner self explained my dream to symbolize:

(exactly as they were written in my journal)
“This dream represents life and the dance with God. 
When you try to force yourself into life and “make things happen,” or attempt to make it something its not, like the woman dancing up on people represented in the dream, God pushes back. It gives you what you are giving and your life ends up feeling like you can’t escape it. 
When you dance slowly with it and allow the movements to come naturally, it becomes a seductive dance of life. 
God, emulates your moves, what you think and do, in life, without even thinking about it.  When you are in the flow of the seductive dance of life, It becomes an energy-driven experience.  It happens naturally and you won’t know how. 
My dear, this dream encourages you to dance in life. Allow your body, your heart- thoughts and your actions to lead you. Be an observer like you were in the dance of seduction.  You were not even thinking of what the next dance move would be. You simply followed the lead of your partner, which symbolizes God. 
Your partner in the dance of life is God. Allow yourself to follow  it’s lead. Your dance moves are the one’s that seem natural because they come from your heart. Close your eyes and listen to what your heart is saying. You may think, with your rational mind, that you don’t know those dance moves, but when you allow yourself to flow with the idea, you naturally know how to do it.
Don’t rush, or try to lead with the idea. Allow it to flow in Divine timing. Just as you flowed in the dream with your partner. You intuitively knew that you were not leading the dance, but flowing with it. 
This is a beautiful reminder to flow with the dance of life. Flow, don’t try to make things happen quickly. Allow them to come. You will be provided for, my dear.”

All I could think was, wow.

What a beautiful reminder of how repulsive it is to God when I try to make things happen.
What a gift it is when I allow myself to flow with vision and joy knowing that my flowing in life is my acceptance of life as a dance.
I have JOURNALS-full of dream messages that have helped guide me, transform me, and allow me to know a deeper side of myself.  
Dreams have been a pivotal part of my spiritual evolution.
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