Ernest Holmes reminds us to honor the
Divine spark of creativity that is found within each of us.

I’m in class again. Currently taking “The Essential Ernest” with Pattie Mercado and a group of seriously fantastic individuals. We read, we write, we think and then we get together on Monday nights to discuss it.

I’ve come to appreciate the teachings of Ernest Holmes on a whole new level. This philosophy he is associated with was not initially intending to be “a religion” but rather to supplement and support the teachings of your chosen faith.
I now view Ernest as a master curator of religious thought, drawing out and articulating the truth and principles of the ages and sages. I like to reflect on the unity found in all religious and the unity and principles I see represented in different faiths astounds me and gives me even more to appreciate in the unity of creative diversity found in this world.
And while we share thoughts and principles of truth with many many paths to God I have started to consider also the songs, the dances, the rituals, the artwork, the symbols and the dreams.
My comfort zone tends to be in the reading, writing, and discussion of ideas. Experiencing spirit from the neck up, it’s a very cerebral experience. Looking ahead at our calendar of events I am thrilled to see some fantastic musicians and opportunities to play and dance on our Wednesday Wisdom schedule.
This Wednesday we are going to be very blessed to experience the transformational healing music of Anton Mizerak and Laura Berryhill. Read more about these fantastic musicians who will be sharing their gift of music at the Wednesday Wisdom service from 7-8.
The following Wednesday is our monthly potluck starting at 5:45. Bring a dish to share and enjoy fellowship before our “Community Hootenanny” from 7:00-8:00. This will be a great evening for the whole family. Bring an acoustic instrument or percussion instrument. (Kate, my three year old, will be so excited to share her drumming with you all.)