Contentment is to just Be. 

Being content with one’s life is the title of today’s installment in the “Joyous Living Journal.”

What does it mean to be content?  Is it being ok with everything?  Does it have a tone of surrendering to what is?  Is it a settling?

In the busy, media-driven, high-tech world that we made our life, our thoughts seem to move at the pace of the internet.  As humans, we are supposed to be productive, yet we are also meant to come up to the surface for a breath.  If we are constantly swimming in the sea of thoughts, it can feel as if we are surrounded by a field of energy that has us constantly in the mode of go.

There is a new Cadillac commercial in circulation on television. It depicts Americans as the go, go, go country, all the while justifying why we don’t take our much needed breath.  It has a sense of superiority and the “American” ability to stretch oneself to the brink of insanity.

The “Joyous Living Journal” states, “While learning from the past and dreaming about the future, it’s important to actually live in the present.  See what has already manifested in your life.  Enjoy the great and small ways that Life, Love, and Joy are already showing up.  Be content with what you have, where you are, and how far you’ve come.”

If we are constantly in the mode of go, contentment may not have room in our vocabulary.  However, not reflecting on our What Is may have us reaching for something “out there” and never really being satisfied with our life.

Being content is actually a discipline.  It really is taking a look at life, right now, in this moment, and being grateful.  It is living in the Now, Being Present, just Being.  This practice will take us out of our need to constantly be in go mode, and enjoy our life in Peace.  There is always a time to go, but we should constantly be in gratitude for the Present moment.  Remember the saying, “Yesterday is History. Tomorrow is a mystery.  Today is a gift.  That’s why it’s called the Present.” -Alice Morse Earle

Try This: Grateful in this moment: Today take 5 mins out of your day to bombard yourself with Gratitude. Repeat over and over in your head or aloud, “In this moment I’m grateful.” Look at your surroundings while repeating the statement, really embody what your eyes are gazing upon, really feel grateful for whatever it is.

And So It Is.

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