When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. -Viktor Frankl-

The Consciousness of Kindness and Compassion can be a place where one’s heart is pulled to change. Buddy Dumeyer is a retired Police Officer from the Louisville Metro Police Department.  He retired after 27 years of service, and became involved with the Coronor’s office.  Buddy is the coordinator of the Indigent Burial Program. This is a program where burials are performed for those who’s families are not able to financially afford the costs of burials, or for homeless individuals who’s family members could not be located. Though this program provides for the cost of a burial, Buddy saw a need for change in regards to the actual burial ceremony.

Buddy felt a pull to honor the homeless people who were being buried, who sometimes had no family members or friends to attend their funerals. Several high schools in the area joined the program, and has several of their students attending, and being pall bearers at the services. Buddy has said this was his calling, and the students felt a change in the way they view and honor their current relationship from the work they have been involved in.  From hearing of this story, and the high school students who teamed up with Buddy, a young filmmaker, Edward Heavrin decided to make a documentary about the subject. The film is titled The Potter’s Field.

Our charge is to look for the places where we can be of service. Kindness is active, and just a small act allows a change within ourselves. We have the capability to be a Force for Change.