Healing is constant natural event

We know matter is energy, so the Energy Field contains both matter and energy. That energy is in constant motion of change. Thats why we call it The Law of Uncertainty.

On the other hand we also know that we are fundamentally spiritual expressions of Divine Spirit, Certainty Field. In the Energy Field of matter we are particles and waves.

We live in a field of consciousness. That field can activate our Energy Field or our Divine Spirit, Certainty Field. We are at choice as to which field governs our reality. In healing we get out of our Energy Field and focus on our Divine Spirit, Certainty Field of consciousness.

We attach our consciousness on loving the Divine Field of our selves. When we observe the Divines within our inclusive self and know that we are one with everything we can change the energy of physical consciousness into Divine Spiritual Consciousness.

“When you change the way you observe things, the things that you observe will change.”

Come join us this Wednesday evening and share your experiences of healing.
Love, Rev. Geoff Layng