It’s time to level up!

In my Sunday afternoon class at the center we talked about attachment and your level of participation. We put it on axis and discussed quadrants … I always love a good graph. I love things I can measure and analyze.

“Level of Participation” kept ringing through my head … where have I heard that before. Once I got home I started googling and then when that didn’t work I went so far as to search the history on my internet browser. Long story short I found it. It’s a quote by LLewelyn Vaugh Lee.

“The work of connecting our light to the world does not need to be done through a mass movement or by millions of people. The real work is always done by a small number of individuals. What matters is the level of participation. Whether we dare to make a real commitment to the work of the soul.”

It’s a privilege to be here on the material plane. Sometimes we take things for granted. Our lives can feel mundane, uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. My new awareness that I am exercising is to imagine a button, a button labeled “mundane” and it’s on a dial and at one end it says profane and at the other end it says sacred.

It’s up to us to dial our everyday experiences to either the profane or to the sacred and with that choice we choose our level of participation.

If there is one quality I really admire and am drawn to in other is their capacity be “ all in.” To be present, to be bold, to be truthful, to be loving and to live. That’s what we are here for, to play all out.