Our theme for August comes from Centers for Spiritual Living Global Vision. “We envision a world which has renewed its emphasis on beauty, nature, and love through the
resurgence of creativity, art, and aesthetics.” 

It comes from our Organizational Design Model which is a “visionary and philosophical guide and governing document for our organization’s expression internally and outwardly in the world. The Organizational Design Model is offered in the spirit of collaboration, innovation, creativity, and forward thinking. It is designed to create an organization for Centers for Spiritual Living,  that is effective for, and reflective of, a 21st century spiritual movement.”

I had a conversation recently with one of my dearest friends who was gently questioning whether our intention  of having a world that works for everyone is “off principle.” Her point is that each of us is experiencing in the outer world exactly what we have come to expect in the inner world. In other words, we already have a world that works for everyone. She was asking how I could imagine a world that works for Isis’ extremists. I can only imagine that if the extremists from any religion got in touch with their founder’s intention, they  would see a bigger and more inclusive philosophy than is currently their mission. 

I KNOW my friend is accurate AND regardless of extremists and haters, I envision I world at peace. A world at peace is a world that works for everyone from my perspective.

“When there is no vision, the people perish.” Proverbs 29:16

For years we closed with “The Peace Song” which stated, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.” Just because there isn’t peace now and some radicals don’t want peace, is no reason not to pray for world peace in our lifetimes. we conclude  Wednesday’s Wisdom by singing “Imagine” usually along with John Lennon. We sing with conviction, “The world will live as one.” Just because we have not yet achieved, perfect unity and peace is no reason to stop envisioning it. 

Just because I may not be able too see the beauty around me or to feel the love or to appreciate nature, there is no reason fro me to stop working toward it. 

We do our work first in consciousness, then we learn to take appropriate actions that support our desires. What those actions are will differ from person to person.

Meanwhile, please join me in moving ahead with optimism and goodwill, towards our vision. Look for evidence from our artists and artisans that we are currently enjoying a resurgence of creativity, art and aesthetics.