Many years ago, our choir had the theme song, Celebrate Life! Some of the lyrics included:

“Celebrate Life! Celebrate Love!Celebrate all the things that you’ve been dreaming of,And if you try, then you will see,When you celebrate Life it’s all you want it to be.When you believe in the things you do,Then your doubts depart.Look at your life in a bright new way  and joy and hope fill your heart.if you have faith in what you do, life can be great!It’s all up to you!” 

 It was a melody that was very catchy and we loved to hear the choir sing sing it.
This Saturday, we will be celebrating the life of one of our greatest champions, Bill Hart. Bill and Billie, his wife of over 60 years, were major supporters of our Center, but they were more than that they were champions for our new home.  Billie made her transition while we were still in our old home in San Juan Capistrano. But she was adamant that Bill continue to support the Center. He did it in spades. Even before the former owners had agreed to a deal, Bill brought each one of his family over here to show them our new “church.”  A couple of weeks before his passing, Pattie Mercado and I were visiting him in the hospital. We were there to pray with him. Before we could even pray, he asked if there something that the church needed.  Of course, he meant money and was very generous. But what I needed then is what I need now, to know that our Center is growing an evolving developing community filled with more than enough good for every occasion. I am so grateful. We are standing on the shoulders of the giants who did so much to bring this dream into reality.

Billie Hart, Mary Didelot and Bill Hart 2012 

We call our memorial services celebrations of life. It is great to remember our loved ones and all the good that we have from being in their company. It is even more important to tell them while they are here in physical form. It is mind-expanding to realize that some part of that loved one lives on in each of us. It will be a part of our beliefs or perceptions. The good that is ours with anyone continues long after they die.  I know that every time someone asks me if there is something I need, I will think of Bill Hart.

How often do you celebrate your life? It really is worth celebrating.