Gearing up for camp

Of course it is no coincidence that the day before my new camping adventure, now with my son as a boy scout, “The Joyous Living Journal” has the entry named, “Buzzards, Bats and Bumblebees.  This reminds me that circumstances may occur and all I have to equip myself with is myself, and my limited thinking. I use all of my human self to reference past experiences to know what to do in this moment.  What I want to realize is how to use all of my Self and know that I am unlimited and can not be contained in this human body.  I expect a miracle to happen and I look for them. I seek them out knowing that whatever fears or doubts I may have in regards to life, these thoughts are only contained in my small mind. The unlimited mind is so much more vast and ready to accept all of what life has in store. Getting out of my own way as I face the space of nature, I am now in action, not just in a place of thinking or dreaming of what it looks like. I am living what is. Each time I experience myself in nature, I become more and more comfortable with my true Self and my place in this world. Thank you Earth, thank you Sun, thank you Moon, thank you all creatures who make me realize that I have a place in nature. I am mustering up the courage to Be Prepared (as is the Boy Scout Motto). As always, prayer is welcome, as my son told me this past week, “I hope I survive March 29th.” This is definitely the prayer for both of us. And So It Is. Amen. Namaste.