How did you find your spiritual center? Many people first came to a Center for Spiritual Living because a friend invited them. It wasn’t exactly my way, but I am glad I found us.

Dr. Tom Costa wrote a chapter in one of his books, entitled, “Seven Words That Changed My Life.” The seven words were, “Meet me at church this Sunday, huh?” He says that the moment the minister started talking he knew he was home. The friend disappeared from his life but Dr. Tom had found his way to his spiritual home.

My way was slightly different. I had a couple of transformational spiritual experiences and then went looking for a group of like-minded individuals. Obviously this was before the internet. I looked in the Religion Section of the Edmonton Journal  and circled two prospects for that Sunday. 

What caught my attention in the first church were the words: “Come and experience God’s joy!” It said joy! I thought they know that God is real here. My husband and I bundled up, winter in Edmonton is very cold, got in our car and drove to the church. Something stopped me from going into the church. I wanted to observe for awhile first. We saw many people getting out of their cars and going into the church — none of them had even a slight smile , not to mention a grin or laughter. When my husband asked if we were going to go in, I answered no. The writer of the ad may have felt God’s joy but it was missing from the faces of all the people who were going to attend services at that church that morning.

The second Center had a name that appealed to me — the Living Enrichment Centre. I thought it might be the one. We got settled and the service began with a prayer. I felt waves of home-coming, gratitude and joy. I knew I had been guided there. The funny thing was when the minister started her message, I found it full of errors. In my mind, I was picking it all apart. I was mentally gone! Next, was the idea on my mind. Then the minister’s husband prayed again and again I felt the feeling of well-being, of appreciation and gratitude. I was home. How wonderful for me, and the path I was on, that I didn’t run out because I didn’t agree with everything the minister said. (By the way, after many years of study, I know she was speaking words of Truth!)

Spirit guided me to my first New Thought experience. I was brought by my most trusted Friend!

This Sunday, Centers for Spiritual Living is encouraging everyone in all Centers to bring a friend to the Center this Sunday. If we do so we are further invited to take a quick picture with the friend and send it to Centers for Spiritual Living to see how many of us chose to play the game with them.

I think it is a great idea!

Remember Dr. Tom Costa’s story. You could be changing your friend’s life forever! We will have an exceptional service for everyone: My message is from the theme “Back to the Basics” and is entitled “The Thing Itself.” Students of our philosophy will know immediately what that means. For those of you who do not know, what a great day to find out! 

On top of the great message, our guest vocalist is the amazing, Daniel Nahmod! We are really looking froward to seeing him.

Really, this is what my message is all about: