Making the choice to be happy. 

On Thursday, March 20th the United Nations has deemed this day as International Day of Happiness.  In a quest to seek Happiness in our own lives, we must take a real look at what we’re looking for in this world.  We see some who are genuinely Happy people.  Sometimes we ask, “What makes you so Happy?”  Sometimes we try to spread our stories of heartache to bring others to a sympathetic space.  While it is important to express emotions, not to suppress them, this is not a state that we should constantly stay in.  If we continue to stay in a state of unhappiness, we tend to produce more states of unhappiness in our lives.  Our mission is to seek out happiness and practice it every day.  Our mission is to be creative. Being creative means that we CREATE our own Happiness. Happiness is infectious. When we are Happy, we bring Happiness to others, the reciprocal Universe begins its natural rotation and Happiness is spread.

Today, make it a point to document your Happiness and share it. 
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