Dana Point Sunset by Arpad Petrass
Beauty Is My Religion

I love being a minister. The reason that I love it so much is because I get to teach Spiritual Truth. I have always been in constant awe of anyone that has connected the dots between their humanity and their own personal Divinity. Yes I did say Divinity.

We have all heard the expression “We are Divine Beings having a Human Experience” right. Well the real truth is that we are in Human Form Now and there is no escaping that reality as long as we are alive on this planet. Until I can prove to you that we all return to our Divine nature in the end, you may have to wait another 30-40 years for the evidence.

As human beings it is essential that that we have Spiritual Tools to help us navigate our way around this place called earth. In all honesty, having Spiritual Tools is not a requirement of humanity. You can certainly live your life without them. But, I promise you if you have them and use them, your life will be so much easier. LIFE IS ALWAYS BETTER WITH SPIRITUAL TOOLS. All the great Religions have provided us with some sort of road map as to how to do this.

Some examples of these tools are Meditation to quiet the “Monkey Mind” that tells us everything that is wrong with us and not what is right with us or our world. Some individuals chant to raise their vibrational connection to God. We practice Forgiveness to heal ourselves from hurts that was caused by others. Practicing Gratitude reminds us all of what we have and not what we want. Children teach us about patience and what looking into a mirror feels like. To me these tools are as essential as breathing is to our existence.

I have added a new tool to my Spiritual Tool Belt and I call it Beauty. ‘Why’ you may ask. Its very simple. The Science of Mind Teaches us that our words and thoughts have power. If that is the case then I must be in charge of my life. Right? Whatever I think about I bring about.Right? So If I am really in charge of my life then I would want every thought that I have and BELIEVE IN to be of my choosing. I want to control what I let into my consciousness, what books I read, what movies I watch, what people I hang out with, who I love, how often I love and how I give back to my world. You can see where I am going with this.

The moment that I invite Beauty into my life I have chosen to make a space for it in my world. I have no choice now but to see the world through new eyes. It cannot be any other way. The Universe must respond to my intentions ( Can you see the Law of Attraction taking place here?) Since I have made a space for Beauty to enter my awareness, it must rush in to fill the void that was created when I eliminated anything that was not Beauty.

By Inviting in Beauty, my life begins to slow down. I begin to see details , connections, patterns, shapes, colors, appreciations and my connection to the Universe like never before. I am now the creator of my life. I get to choose HOW I WANT LIFE TO BE and no longer accept It as it is. Once I have experienced the beauty of our planet through my new experiences I can never go back to a life is less than that.

I challenge you to invite Beauty into your life for just one week…… I challenge you to let Spiritual Truth teach you to see your world with new eyes…… I challenge you to comment about it on this blog…… Let others know what new beautiful things have shown up in your life because you have declared it so…..

And So it Is!

Rev Arpad is an ordained Minister with the Center For Spiritual Living. He is a gifted Photographer, Speaker and Spiritual Teacher. He may be contacted at Arpad Petrass