This Looks like the Cake We Shared 

Today we met as a staff to celebrate a birthday. It is one of my favorite things. We buy small gifts for the birthday “girl.” Or perhaps we pick out a great card. Then we share the cards and gifts with each other.  We laughed together and had some delicious food. It was our newest employee’s birthday. Several times she said that she loved working here; she said that it didn’t feel like coming to work because it is such a positive place to work! I am thrilled! We have a cohesive, friendly staff.

The card I bought her read: 

“Here it comes… 
another year 
of laughter and tears, 
of wishes and wonders. 
Of being and becoming 
of living and loving. 
Another year 
of celebrating 
today’s special moments 
and tomorrow’s 
special dreams. 
So that this won’t be 
just “another year–
It’ll be your best year yet!
On the inside it said, 
“or it’ll suck.
Its not like I’m psychic.
Let’s just hope for the best.”

We all howled with laughter.

Then one of the women made my day by saying, “But Dr. Heather, you are the best psychic I know!”

What I am filled with is the true joy of giving. As I have done  many other years, I left my Christmas shopping until this week. Stores have run out of boxes and I may not  have had the selection that you, “early-birds” had. But I am filled with peace and good will. I am filled with gratitude that I an buy things for people. I am filled with gratitude for the beautiful people in my life. Every gift I purchased, I imagine the recipient being delighted with it. I see their beautiful faces filled with love. Last week, I received a gift of home-made limoncello. The giver said, “The main ingredient is LOVE.” I know that is true. 

And for all of you, whether or not you get a physical gift from me, please know that this blog is made with love! I am grateful for the gifts that each one of you brings by being in my life. 

May Your Christmas be Filled With Love Light