Yoga is one of my favorite exercises. I love how my body feels after a series of poses: relaxed, energized, free.

Last year, I committed to a regular practice, going to class a few times a week. Then life got busy and yoga seemed an expensive luxury so I stopped going. I missed it, but my excuses won over.

A few weeks ago, I attended a single yoga class at the Center led by a friend of mine. The flow was gentle but afterwards my body felt sore; my muscles needed to move. I realized that no one and nothing was stopping me from rolling out my mat and moving through some poses at home. A few Sun Salutations would do me a world of good. So I started.

I thought, “what would my body and life look like if I practiced yoga daily?” I challenged myself to find a few moments every day to roll out my mat and step on it. I decided to release my attachment to the amount of dedicated time. Five, 10, or 30 minutes would qualify.

After making the commitment, the Universe jumped in to support me. A parent at my daughter’s preschool, who is a yoga instructor, offered me suggestions for my practice and helped me create a wonderfully balanced flow. My husband helped me uncover ways to access the internet on my TV so I could support my practice online. And, time seems to open up when I need it the most. Often, I get a good uninterrupted 30 minutes.

Today, I’m on day 10. I feel stronger, centered and relaxed. My body moves with ease throughout the day. I breathe deeper in stressful situations and my mind is calm more often than cluttered.

I’m learning about balance, surrender and flexibility, both physically and mentally. And, mostly, I’m reminding myself that it’s a practice rather than a goal or a destination.

What could you commit to today that will bring more balance to your life? What might you need to surrender in order to make room? For me, surrendering my limiting belief that yoga benefits only happen at a studio with an instructor opened up possibilities for greater physical and mental health and balance.