One of the highlights of the Centers for Spiritual Living annual Leadership Conference was a trip on the High Roller, slow moving Ferris wheel that is designed to see the lights of Las Vegas. We were part of a group that were being honored fro supporting our parent organization financially. Each pod holds up to 40 people. It was comfortable and unlike any ride I have ever before experienced, much slower than the theme parks. At the top we were 550 feet above ground.

Waiting in Line for High Roller

It was a great deal of fun to look at the tops of the casinos and see their massiveness. Sometimes we need to get up above our situation to see the big picture, to put our life in perspective. Of course, you don’t need to go to Vegas to accomplish this. 

View From the High Roller

You simply need to be able to see without judgement the direction and tendencies of your life. From the higher point of view, we don’t have to watch every little thought or feeling, but rather be willing to notice the tendency of our consciousness. And if it isn’t to our liking, we need to be able to take charge and change our thinking, which results in a changed life.

Last week I had a couple of physical challenges, not really challenges, more like reminders. I started sneezing, my nose was running, I felt really tired even though I had had enough sleep. 

What did I do? I took a long nap. Then I journaled about my health. I soon realized that I wasn’t looking after my body. I didn’t judge myself. I simply noticed. That awareness itself changed my conditions. It was as if I had seen something from a great height. had accepted it for what it was and decided to make my mind.

Me on the High Roller