A device to transmit energy
Take a moment to attempt an exercise.
Concentrate on the cells of your body.  Start at your feet, and then move your way up throughout your entire body.  Feel your legs, stomach, heart, throat, and head.  Now imagine concentrating all your energy to your hands.  Place your entire focus on your hands. Move your hands around as if you are gently moving the air around you. Try to feel all the electrically charged energy that is in the air. Feel the electrically charged energy in your hands.  The picture above was taken in the exact same manner.  Place your hand up to the image of my hand.  Try to feel the energy that exists between our hands.  This is the energy that each and every one of emit on a day to day basis.  Because this is not a practice that we regularly subscribe to, the energy can become dormant.  Remember, it is always within us, it is up to us to awake that part of us that knows we are connected.  

This is Consciously connecting.

Each Sunday between 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm, at Center for Spiritual Living, Capistrano Valley, we have begun a Conscious Connection practice. An experience is offered to the participants to Consciously connect with one another. Each participant is then given a small card to write a word each day for the week to remind themselves of the experience, and to practice the experience on their own. Come for the Sunday meditation and service (starting at 10:00am), stay for the Conscious Connection gathering.