In her book, The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, Edwene Gaines tells the story about wise King Solomon whose answer to the question God asked him of what did he want, he answered that since he has a nation to rule, to wanted God to give him an understanding heart. God was pleased with that answer and gave him riches and honor as well.

Edwene goes on to say,

What it means to have an understanding heart is you can’t blame anybody for anything. You can’t blame your ex-spouse, the Pope, the Internal revenue Service, your boss, your hairdresser, the Republican party, the Democratic party, your parents, the Queen of England, anybody.And you especially can’t blame yourself You have to live in a constant state of being forgiven.”

What would it be like to live in that state of consciousness? I believe miracles would happen all around you. 

Is there something that is heavy on your heart? The unconditional Love of the Universe wants to give you what you want. But it cannot when we have anger or regrets.We can learn from great women and men who have learned to forgive so that their lives could be better.

Living with an understanding heart reminds me of an interaction I witnessed several years ago between a father and his pre-school son. It was the day before Mother’s Day, the dad  was doing some shopping in Trader Joe’s. He gave his son a bouquet of roses to hold. The little boy was kind of dragging the flowers behind him and using them to point and tap on objects. When the father noticed, he very tenderly and gently, got down on the boy’s level and said, “Son, you need to be gentle with these flowers. They are special for your mommy. You need to hold them like a baby.” That boy cradled that bouquet for the rest of the time in the market.

I applaud that father for showing his son that gentleness and tenderness are good qualities. I applaud him for being observant and kind to his son. I applaud his understanding heart.

A Father With His Son