A Universal Principle to Achieving Your Biggest Dream

Just a small reminder today that whatever dreams pop into your head while you are daydreaming, sleeping, or wishing for are all possible because they are your dream.

Do not downplay them.  Do not negate them…

…most importantly….

Don’t ignore them.

They are there for a reason.
Guiding you.
Inspiring you.
Motivating you.
You have these dreams because they are your ideal life right now.
They may change as you walk the path towards them, but right now, in this moment, that very thing that is calling to you, that is captivating your mind, that is making your heart beat a little faster…
…is the very thing that you are meant to follow.
Not sure how to do it?

Answer this:

What is the smallest, seemingly insignificant step you can take TODAY towards it?

Remember, walking the path of your dreams is one, seemingly insignificant step towards it every day.

You do not have to quit the job, leave the family behind, or go all “Eat, Pray Love.”

Just like compounded interest, small, seemingly insignificant steps compound over time.

They add up until one day, you look and you realize, that your dream has appeared into your life.

You ask, “How did that happen?”

It isn’t a big-bang, lottery-winning kind of explosion into your life.

It appears a little each day, and when you diligently take a daily step, it comes a lot faster.

So, what is that longing you have deep in your heart?  How can you take a step today?

Could you buy a book about it?  Invite someone to lunch who is already doing it? Take a class? Could you simply pray asking for guidance?  Could you find mentors on Twitter or Facebook to follow and learn from?

All of these are SMALL, easy steps.  YOU can do any one of them…today.  They aren’t scary.  They aren’t intimidating.

Do ONE today, and tomorrow, you will be one step closer to that dream.

Do you get how easy it can be to live the life of your dreams?

It’s as easy as one step….what will that step be for you today?