Live in that small, cozy home with the amazing
view, and your life will expand by leaps
and bounds. 

My home was very small, but as I showed it to friends, I was so proud of it.  

I would take them out to the outdoor deck and show them the breathtaking view.
It always inspired a breathless, “Wow.”
The important part of this process was how I felt.

Proud.  At peace and very much in harmony with life.  
That was my dream, and being one who is an avid journaler, I write out my dreams and allow a stream of consciousness to help me interpret them.  The most important part of journaling dreams, I have found, is paying attention to the emotions that it evokes. 

What came in my journaling session was a whole new lesson on practicing the presence…being in the now.

Not a surprise since I am currently taking the Inner Journey class with Dr. Heather and our focus now is practicing the presence of God at every moment, of every day.
The way in which this lesson was communicated with me through this dream was interesting, however.
A small home that had an amazing view.  The peace and harmony I felt about it.
One might think it symbolized a home that I desired or maybe the desire for a nice view from my physical home. 
What came in my stream of consciousness was that this dream did not symbolize a physical home, but my inner home….
…That small space within, that when lived in, brings peace, pride and harmony.

The dream was a message from that One Power that lives within all of us to remember to be in that space, that home, at all times.
It was a reminder that when I find myself not feeling peace, pride and harmony to notice where “I’m living.”  
When I have feelings outside of those three, I am living outside in the space of chaos and confusion. 
It’s cold.
I’m homeless.
When I find myself homeless, I can easily step back into my warm, small cozy home with the amazing view.
I can change my perspective at any time.
This was a gentle reminder to me of the importance of the present moment.
As a result of this intense Inner Journey class, I am raising my awareness to the present moment.
As long as I am present, I am home.
When I am at home, I feel pride, peace and harmony.
There is never any reason to leave our true home…allow my dream to be a reminder to you to find your peaceful home with an amazing view.
I would like to hear from you.  How do you interpret your dreams?  Do you ignore them when you awaken thinking they are figments of your imagination?  Or, do you recognize them as messages from God directing you in your life?  
Share in the comments below any dreams that have deeply impacted your life….when one leaves an impression, dreams will become a distinctive event in your daily life.  
They truly are your conversation with God.