Bethany Hamilton was 13 years old when she had her arm bitten off by a shark while surfing.

You may already know this story, but I encourage you to watch this video as she shares some wise words about faith and values.  She speaks with an old soul, yet is so young, physically.

I believe we can all learn something about overcoming obstacles in our lives from this young, soul surfer:

Here are some highlights to look out for.

04:30 – The thing that gets her through every obstacle that appears in her life.
06:40 – How she deals with frustrating moments in her life
07:42 – What to do if you are feeling weak either mentally or physically
08:33 – Fight for the positive

Pretty inspiring, heh? 
I’ll let you decide, but chances are, whatever our challenges are, we can find the blessings in them.  
They may not be obvious at first or even the first few days or weeks, but when we “fight for the positive,” we find it.  
What challenges have you experienced that you eventually saw as a blessing?  Share in the comments below…