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Connection is recognizing your oneness with God.  When we go throughout our day knowing our connectedness, we align with God, co-creating our every moment with this All-Knowing presence.

We know we are “connected” when we feel joy.

Spirit beckons to us by giving us things we love and feel joy from in our lives.

Become aware of joy and know that you are connected to the Spirit that creates universes.

Connection to everyone and everything is the basis of spiritual living.  Even those who we have differences with, we are connected with on a deeper level, therefore, we must find our connection with them.  When we do, we will gain a deeper awareness and appreciation for our difference of opinions.  This is the connection that creates peace on Earth.

Today’s Spiritual Principle:  Connection


“The goal is to understand that we are co-creators with God, and connected to the All Knowing.” Ernest Holmes


Today, I recognize my connection with God, connecting me with everyone and everything that passes through my daily life.


Today, notice your connection with God.  Take a photo walk and take the pictures that speak to you in some way.  All the beauty, people, and richness of daily life are connected to you and when you start to recognize this connection each day, your life becomes very rich.  Photos will remind you everyday how much you are connected to God.

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