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Thinking alone about what you want to be, do or have, will not make it manifest into your reality.  Small, seemingly insignificant steps each day towards your vision will allow you to live a life beyond your wildest dreams.  This becomes living in joy each day; taking one step toward your dream.

There is no wrong step if you are moving forward.   Have faith that if you are guided to do something, it’s the right step! Small, daily steps, compound over time to create massive momentum towards your dreams.

Today’s Spiritual Principle:  Action


“Declare everyday that:  There is One Supreme Intelligence which governs, guides and guards, tells me what to do, when to act and how to act.” Science of Mind Text Book by Ernest Holmes


Today I take the one, small step towards my vision that brings me the most joy. I realize there are no mistakes; only divine perfection.


Sit quietly for one minute.  Ask yourself, “What would I love to do today towards my vision?” Trust what comes to you intuitively and know that’s the perfect step.  Commit to doing that one thing.

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