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Your vision is like setting the GPS of your life.  Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be?  What do you want to have?  How do you want to serve? What do you want to do?

Just as you cannot be guided to a destination in a car without setting the GPS, Spirit cannot guide you to your ultimate life destination without a vision for your life; so create it!

Have fun with this exercise.  Remove yourself from the traditional sense of “how life should be lived,” and allow yourself to move into how you want to live.

Visioning is an exercise in letting go of everything you know to be “true” about life and letting your imagination flow with ideas, love and joy.  Allow yourself to escape into the depths of your desires.

Today’s Spiritual Principle:  Visioning


“There comes to each the logical and exact result of his own receptivity.  To each, life brings the reward of his own visioning; to the pure, all is pure.”  Science of Mind Textbook by Ernest Holmes


Today, my vision sits on the horizon guiding me to it’s divine light.  My vision pulls me through challenges and daily prioritizes my work, manifesting the life of my dreams.


Sit quietly for 15 minutes.  In a journal or notebook, write out your perfect vision.  What does it look like?  What do your days look like?  What does your home life look like? What do you do, where do you go, what do you want to be?  Most importantly, what does it feel like? Be specific with your vision and read it every day.

SeptemberA powerful exercise to truly understand and embody your vision is a Visioning with a Science of Mind practitioner trained in the art and science of visioning.

September Warren, a member of CSLCV, An Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, and expert facilitator of the visioning process, accepts personal visioning sessions.  Learn what you must embrace, release and know about your vision to step towards it.  Email September at september.warren (at) gmail (dot) com to inquire about session rates and to schedule your visioning session.

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