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There is a thought that underlies everything we have in our physical lives.  This thought is called, “Mental Cause.”

Our thinking, whether conscious or not, is what creates our physical reality.  When we understand the power of thinking,

we understand that we have the power to change those things we don’t like in our lives, and expand and enhance the things we do like in our lives.

Those changes come from changes our thoughts…also known as “mental cause.”

Today’s Spiritual Principle:  Mental Cause


“The whole world, from the least to the greatest, must know the truth, so that man may understand the great laws that govern his life. He must learn to control his own destiny, to heal his own body and bring happiness to his own soul.” Ernest Holmes, Creative Thought


Today I pay attention to my thoughts knowing they are “seeds” in the fertile garden of my mind and will become the “fruit” in my life.


Contemplate the most beautiful thing about your life right now.  How have your thoughts and beliefs created it?  In other words, how did you bring it into your life?  Have you thought about it for a long time? Did you always want that (thing, person, etc) in your life?  Once you contemplate how you created that reality, contemplate how you can use that same path to improve something in your life that currently is not working.

When we know how to create something magical in our lives, then we hold the power to change something not-so-magical in our lives.

Kimberly Wooldridge

Meet practitioner Kimberly Wooldridge

Underlying every life challenge is a mental cause…a thought.

Working with a prayer practitioner will allow you to get to the root thought creating your life challenge and will reveal the spiritual truth of that root thought.

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