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Forgiveness is the biggest gift we can give ourselves.  Some events in our lives may seem harder to forgive then others, but when we understand the power of forgiveness, we allow ourselves to forgive more easily each time.

Forgiveness isn’t about accepting what has happened, but releasing the hold that events in our lives have on us when we do not forgive.

Release your soul of anger, hurt, and resentment.  Allow it to let go of it’s hold on you and free yourself to accept love to the heart once more.

Today’s Spiritual Principle:  Forgiveness


“Everything moves in circles. This is the way of life, and what we refuse to give we refuse to accept. Nothing is more important than we learn how to forgive both ourselves and others.” Ernest Holmes


Today I choose to forgive every instance in my day that creates anger, judgment or resentment.  I let it go, forgive it and move on.


Throughout your day, notice experiences that lead you to feel anger, judgment or resentment.  When you notice these emotions boiling up, recognize them, and simply notice what that person’s action triggered within you. It could be a memory or a personal judgement. Just notice and ask, “What is this reaction here to teach me?” Then say, “I acknowledge it, release it and give thanks for the opportunity to heal.”

Forgiveness of small things will give you the strength and devotion to forgive the larger things.

Meet practitioner Anita Baroldi

Meet practitioner Anita Baroldi

If you have a life event that you have difficulty forgiving, working with a prayer practitioner will help you to understand your life event and to release it from your life.

Practitioners are trained in the art and science of affirmative prayer and are available for sessions to take your forgiveness work to a much deeper level.

Your session with a practitioner will allow you to release the life event, which will immediately improve your life.

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