Spiritual Living is a lifestyle.  Just as the Science of Mind textbook says, “A philosophy.  A faith. A way of life.”

Spiritual living is not a religion, but a way we do life everyday.  It is based on love, mindfulness, gratitude, and forgiveness.  It isn’t about pushing beliefs on others, but modeling a daily connection to Spirit in our thinking, relationships and experiences.

It’s appreciating the joy and blessings in life right now.  It’s not about looking into the future to the life that you could have, but living in the present moment and knowing your oneness to all.

It’s about living in the now, so you can have everything you want in the future.

On this journey, for the next 21 days, you will receive a daily email that will share with you a principle of spiritual living.

Just intellectually knowing a principle does not make it “so” in your life.  Experiencing it does.  So, each day, you will also have a practice so you are able to actually experience that principle.

Don’t worry!  Each practice can be done in less than 15 minutes a day.  Now on to today’s principle….

Today’s Spiritual Principle:  Oneness


“Until we awaken to the fact that we are One in nature with God, we shall not find the way of life.  Until we realize that our own word has the power of life, we will not see clearly.” Science of Mind Textbook by Ernest Holmes


Today I recognize my Oneness with All there is.  That is God.  I am one with God and understand that God is within me.


Sit quietly for one minute and hold the hand of a child, a loved one, or pet.  Feel your oneness with that beloved being.  Feel the energy that flows between your hands or hand and paw.  Understand this divine connection is the same connection we have with the Spirit living within your being.

Dr. Heather Dawn ClarkThis 21-day program is a gift from Dr. Heather D. Clark and the Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley.  Allow it to be a guidepost to understanding your divine place in the world.

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