Dr. Masaru Emoto

As I contemplate the people, events, experiences and ideas of 2013 I would name this the year of Sentience. A year of recognizing something I never really believed in before, not really.

And now I know it to be true. I can feel it and that’s why I use the world behold in my title.

1. “Thank you water for the bath.”

When the water drains from the bath Kate says “thank you water for the bath.”

It’s a direct result of a call from a friend and a July afternoon at the beach with a most extraordinary group of healers.

Included in this group of healers was Dr. Masaru Emoto, known best for his book “The Hidden Messages in Water.”

Dr. Emoto used the Ho’oponopono blessing

Water, I am sorry.
Water, please forgive me.
Water, I love you.
Water, thank you.

And it is from this that we began to say as the water drains from the tub “Thank you water for the bath.”

The blessings from the day of the Water Blessing at San Onofre stayed with us throughout the year. The teachers continued teaching and as I look back it has profoundly changed how I think about things and more importantly it has changed what I know to be true.

2. Recognizing Our Earth as a Sentient Being
At the Water Blessing was another healer named Ruben Saufkie. His message of unity was so powerful.

Following the Water Blessing I kept thinking about how disconnected many are and how people, myself included, don’t think we matter in the large picture. We think we are too small. Then I found “The Blue Jewel.”

You Matter.
That which you are matters.
It matters now.
It mattered before now.
It will matter more tomorrow.

3. Recognizing Our Fellow Sentient Beings
This year I attended the “Blessing of the Animals” put on by our Animal Ministries. It really moved me. The prayer Kathy Storey shared and the individual blessings of our pets by Toni Sparks were so real and true and full of love.

A most amazing example of sentience was found from another new friend from that Water Blessing. And I thank Gary Christmas for all the amazing shares of all the remarkable things going on in our world and beyond.

4. Grounding and Experiencing the Healing Properties of Our Earth
I’ve always giggled a little at the iconic treehugger but now I am ready to hug trees at will … did you know it’s great for your health?

My childhood friend Naisha Ahsian, director at Crystalis Institute, brought this amazingly interesting documentary called  “Grounded” to my attention. She always finds ultra groovy stuff and has a blend of cutting edge science and spirituality that I have come to adore.

Direct contact with the earth is a powerful healing modality. Walking barefoot at the beach is especially good for you as the salt water has conductive properties. So take off those rubber and plastic shoes and get grounded. We are going to be spending even more time outdoors and even more time playing in the dirt.

Even though the documentary is no longer posted at YouTube you can find more information here http://shiftfrequency.com/dr-mercola-documentary-grounded/.

It was truly a remarkable year and I thank all those who contributed to that remarkableness.

I thank my spiritual community for their love and support and I can’t wait to see what this year brings.