Who doesn’t want to have greater happiness and contentment, more fulfilling relationships and deeper feelings of peace and well-being?   

In her book Judgment Detox, Gabrielle Bernstein writes that we all have one problem in life and we all have the same solution.  The problem: we have separated from love.  Our solution: return to love. 

The author says it is our habit of judging the people, places and situations we see around us that separates us from the love that we want; love we wish to have for humankind, the love we wish to be able to express at all times, yet we seem to be unable; the love we yearn to feel for ourselves, so that we can truly love the others we hold dear.  The antidote to judgment is compassion.  Gabby Bernstein shows us how to grow in compassion towards ourselves and others.  She leads us to reveal and release the beliefs that cause us to come from fear and judgment, she helps us to uncover our wounds and expose our shadows to the light for healing. 

Mary Brogdon believes she ready for this spiritual WORK and she is seeking spiritual partners on the journey of Judgment Detox, using the processes taught by Gabby Bernstein.  We will read the book together and work the exercises together which are outlined in the Judgment Detox Journal.  This book study will begin on Monday, January 14, at 6:30 to 8:30, and go through February.  (No class on Feb. 4)  It will be on a Love Offering basis.  Sign up below or for questions email Mary Brogdon at media@cslcv.org.