Wednesday, March 22 at 7PM

Anton Mizerak and Laura Berryhill present a talk with integrated music at the weekly Wednesday’s Wisdom Service

Anton Mizerak anAnton&Laurad Laura Berryhill live in Mount Shasta. Since 2010 they
have toured extensively as a duo, performing to acclaim at over 450 venues
throughout the Western states and performing at their own venue on Mount
Shasta for hundreds of spiritual pilgrims.

Our talk features stories from three mythological traditions – Native
American, Celtic and Tibetan Buddhist.  Through these stories we examine
three different types of transformation and some various stages that
present in most transformative experiences.

Anton Mizerak studied History of Religions from the phenomonological
approach, receiving an MA from UCLA.  Laura Berryhill holds an MA in Music

History from the University of Oregon.  The two of them have given
hundreds of transformation healing music events throughout the western
states and at their own performance venue in Mount Shasta for the past
four years.