Late this April, we will celebrate the Christian holy holiday of Easter. As a child raised Catholic, Easter was all about sacrifice. We gave up things for lent, ate fish on Fridays, went to confession and learned about Jesus’ persecution. I remember each year doing the stations of the cross with my catechism class and trying to come up with something to confess, often lying about lying just to have something to say.

Despite my child perspective of Easter’s rather stoic details, I always loved the more joyous parts; dying eggs, spring dresses, candy and celebrating with family.
It really wasn’t until I found our Center that I truly embraced Easter’s spiritual meaning. I remember my first Easter service with Dr. Heather about 15 years ago. She explained the Pagan spring symbols that Christians adopted and added to Easter, like bunnies and eggs for fertility and newness. She also focused on the rebirth of the Christ consciousness in all of us. Now I look at Easter (much like Christmas) as an opportunity to release what’s no longer serving me and make space for a greater understanding to emerge, allowing the Christ consciousness within me to shine a little brighter.
What I love now about our Center’s Easter service is the lovely way we blend the meaning with the more joyous, child-like parts. Everyone arrives in brightly colored spring-inspired outfits.  The choir, soloists, and band raise the roof with joyous music. Children’s laughter echos through the youth room halls as they search for plastic eggs and candy. It’s a happy day for all.
We hope you will join us on Sunday, April 21, at 10 a.m. for our Easter celebration and bring your friends and family. Everyone is welcome!