Three Tips for Transforming

Your Thoughts about Money

Recently, I asked Dr. Heather what’s concerning our congregation? What’s keeping us up at night? She shared that prosperity was a common topic with people expressing a dip in income or a slowdown in their industry.
“The spiritual truth is that God never slows down. It’s just not possible,” Dr. Heather said. “But when a pattern is noticed by more than 1 person, it becomes ‘reality’ and embeds itself in our consciousness. We all know what happens then…we create the thing we don’t want.”
It’s not always easy to move from condition to spiritual truth, especially when the experience seems to be backed up by evidence. So, what could we do instead?
Here’s some of Dr. Heather’s advice:
  • Notice what industries are booming or people who are experiencing success, then remind yourself that if business can be good in one place, it can be good in any place.
  • Love your work! Love every aspect of it including the parts that seem to be slowing down, maybe there is another opportunity there.
  • See a practitioner for treatment! Allow a trained professional to know that your good is already present and expanding easily and effortlessly.
Dr. Heather is creating a brand new prosperity class, featuring tips and insight like the ones above. The class includes ideas she has learned over the past 35 years. This brand-new class starts Tuesday, August 28, at 6:30 p.m. and runs for 5-weeks. It features principles that Dr. Heather believes have blessed her most: tithing, forgiveness, gratitude, and intention setting. Along with wonderful insight and meaningful exercises, the class will give all students an opportunity to ask questions about the principles and time to practice. To join the class email Dr. Heather and let her know you will be coming.