Board Commitment

We, the Board of Trustees, as servant leaders of the Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley, are united in our commitment to serve our Center with love, wisdom, courage, faith, confidence, acceptance, authority and authenticity.

We know that in so doing we create a spiritual environment that is energetic, welcoming, safe and fulfilling to all, physically, mentally and spiritually.

We are dedicated to creating a Center which is committed to providing spiritual tools for everyone; awakening humanity to its own magnificence encouraging spiritual maturity and developing a relationship with God, thereby creating a world that works for everyone.

Individually and collectively we demonstrate our faith and our conscious awareness of the power of the One Mind by the clarity in which we hold the vision for our beloved Center as a vital, loving, abundant expression of Spirit.

Rev. Dr. Heather Clark – Spiritual Leader

Fred Mercado, RScP – President

Kim Province, RScP – Vice President

Grant McPhail  – Treasurer

Kathy Storey, RScP – Secretary

Harry Muesse, Trustee

Karen Meyer, RScP – Trustee

Board Qualifications

Please click for the list of qualifications and job descriptions for Board of Trustee members. Anyone who would like to be considered for a position on the board should download and read this document.

Board Commitment

Please click here for a PDF of the Board of Trustees commitment.

Members of the Board of Trustees

Rev. Dr. Heather Dawn Clark, Spiritual Advisor

Spiritual Leader

Dr. Heather is the Director of the Center in charge of all day-to day business affairs. In collaboration with the Board of Trustees, she sets the vision, mission, goals, objectives and policies of the Center. Dr. Heather is responsible for the staff and determines the scope, nature and course of their respective duties and authority.…

Fred Mercado

RScP; Board of Trustees - President

Raised as a Roman Catholic in parochial school for ten years, Fred had a deep connection with God/Spirit from a very early age. His Catholic upbringing established a solid spiritual base from which he later branched out into a more universal acceptance of many spiritual paths that were all to be honored. As so many others he went onto seeking a resonance with Spirit and the world around him. Finding Religious Science in 1986 the resonance was found. He and his wife Rev. Pattie Mercado were married that same year and have called the Capistrano Valley Church home since then. Raising their two children Amanda, and Alexander in the church their sense of church family is strong.

Outside of church Fred has participated as a volunteer in a number of organizations over the years participating on various boards such as the Orange County Hunger Project, Orange County Task Force, and The Free Dental Clinic Project.

In the Church, Fred has been a longtime volunteer serving on the board as treasurer from 1998 thru 2006. He has recently rejoined the board in November of 2012, serving now as President.

Kim Province
Kim Province

RScP; Board of Trustees - Vice President

After becoming a member of the Centers for Spiritual Living in Oct. of 2006 and enjoying a year of choir I starting taking classes. I immediately noticed the light within brighten and have remained a student of the principles of Science of Mind ever since. I am a licensed practitioner and currently serve on our youth team, choir, events team and recently took on a leadership role in membership. I joined the Board of Trustees in July of 2013 and enjoy the work and consciousness of our Trustees immensely.

Applying the principles of the Science of Mind to my daily activities has changed my life and it makes my heart sing to watch these principles, when applied, unfold in the lives of others.

I am a native Californian and live in Laguna Hills. I am a proud mother of two adult men. I enjoy cooking, spending time with myself, family and friends, being in nature and going to the performing arts of all genres. I am currently the Director of Marketing and Business Development in the construction industry.

Grant McPhail
Grant McPhail

Board of Trustees- Treasurer

Grant McPhail has been a member of Capistrano Center for Spiritual Living for 15 years during which time he has taken classes on a regular basis, a number of them several times. He knows that the opportunity the Center offers to continually expand ones consciousness thorough the classes both in the study and the interaction with other class members can be life changing, bringing into constant focus our oneness with God and the limitlessness of our individual potential.

Growing up in New Zealand, Grant has a fifty year career in business, primarily real estate development in New Zealand, Canada and the USA. He is married to Rita, an active member of the Jewel Tones Choir. Both are avid tennis players and semi-avid golfers.

Kathy Storey
Kathy Storey

RScP; Board of Trustees - Secretary, Animal Kinship Ministry

Kathy has been a member of the Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley since 2003. She serves as a licensed Practitioner for this Center because “I know prayer changes everything. Love and service has been my pathway to Spirit, so it’s not a surprise that I head up the Volunteers Ministry. I serve in hospitality, bookstore and I am a Practitioner for the Animal Kinship Ministry. I have been in recovery since 1998 and one of my favorite things to do is to teach our Principles.”

Karen Meyer, RScP
Karen Meyer

RScP; Board of Trustees-Trustee

Karen is a designer in the gift industry, creating beautiful products for the marketplace. She is an artist in life; painting and drawing are her passions and considers them essential to her spiritual practices.

Karen discovered Science of Mind around 2002. she left service that first Sunday knowing she had found a spiritual path that she could embrace. Karen sings in the choir, serves on the board of trustees and generally pitches in where she can.

Harry Muesse

Board of Trustees-Trustee

Harry has been coming to the Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley since February 2013. Harry and his wife Laura are active members at CSLCV and together have found their experience with the Center and its members to have greatly enriched their lives. Harry attends Science of Mind classes on a regular basis and enjoys the community atmosphere of the Sunday and Wednesday services as well as the Center’s other special events. Harry considers himself a committed student of the Science of Mind principles. A native Southern Californian, Harry has lived in San Clemente since 1998. He recently retired from the telecommunications industry after a career spanning 35 years in technical operations management. Harry’s hobbies include music, cooking and living the life of his dream here in San Clemente.